Sublime Text for Python

Sublime Text for Python

There are many code editors out there, but I prefer Sublime Text over all others (You can try these as well – Pycharm, Vim, Emacs or Microsoft VS Code). In this tutorial, we will look upon how to download and install Sublime Text (for writing code) and Anaconda (for running our code and much more).

Sublime Text –

Go to the above link and download the setup for whatever operating system you have.

After doing so, follow the steps as shown by the installer, and you are done! Great, now you can write your awesome code whenever you want in a beautiful editor!

Anaconda for Python

Anaconda –

Go to the above link and download the latest version of Anaconda for your operating system.

Follow the installation procedure as shown in the setup window, and you are done! Now you can run and compile your awesome code!

Let’s check out what all does Anaconda (majorly) include –

  • Spyder IDE – Anaconda’s own Python integrated development environment. You don’t need an editor for this. Used mostly for basic programming and data science purposes.
  • Jupyter Notebook – Used for all kinds of programming, be it data science or machine learning.
  • Anaconda Terminal – Used for running all kinds of programs. You write your code in Sublime Text and run it on the terminal.

So, we have our tools now. Let’s use them and write some real code!

Sublime Text for Python