How to use Anaconda Terminal?

For these tutorials (or for most of your programming life), you will be using the terminal.

So, it’s better that before getting started with the actual programming, we learn some commands that will help us in our journey ahead.

Let’s start! ( For Anaconda or Windows terminal)-

  • To change the current directory, type cd and press enter.
  • To see the contents of the directory, type dir and press enter.
  • To move into a folder, type cd  ‘name of folder’ (without the quotes), and press enter.
  • To move backward, type cd .. and press enter.
  • To change the drive. keep on moving backward until there is only the drive left. Then type cd  ‘name of drive’ (without quotes) :.  and press enter.
  • To clear the command line screen or terminal, type cls and hit enter.
  • To get back your previous executed command, use the up arrow key.

That’s all you need to know for now. With this knowledge of the terminal, we are ready to move forward to programming in Python.

In the next tutorial, we will look upon how to take input from the user and print something.