In this program, we are going to check whether the given number is prime or not by using python.

Prime numbers are those number which are greater than 1 and whose factors are 1 and number itself.

Example-2,3,5,7 etc.


  1. Input a number from the user.
  2. Using for loop, we use the range from 2 to n/2
  3. If we find a factor in the above range then the number is not prime
  4. Else it is prime


n= int(input( "enter the number that has to be checked:"))
for i in range(2,int((n/2))):
    if(n%i ==0):  //finding whether the number has a factor or not
    print("it is not prime")
    print("it is prime ")


enter the number that has to be checked:97
it is prime

enter the number that has to be checked: 54
it is not prime

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CopyRight © 2020