Linear Search in Python

In this program, we will learn to search an element from the given array by using the linear search technique.

A linear or sequential search, as the name suggests, is done when you inspect each item in a list one by one from one end to the other to find a match for what you are searching for. 

As compared with other techniques it is the worst searching algorithm with worst-case time complexity O (n).


  1. Input the number to be searched from the user and store in variable n.
  2. Array a is initialized.
  3. Using for loop, perform the linear search.
  4. Check if n==a[i], if true print “Number found”.
  5. Also, return its index or position.
  6. Iterate till we found the desired number which is asked by the user.
  7. Exit.


n=int(input("Enter the number to be searched (1-10):"))

a=[1, 2, 4, 3,5,7,9,8,6,10 ]

for i in range(1,(len(a))):

    if n==a[i]:

        print("number found at",i+1)



Enter the number to be searched (1-10):7

Number found at 6


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