Program to display the cube of the number upto given integer in C++

Program in C++ to display the cube of the number up to given an integer

Given: User will input number of terms and we have to print its cube till the given number of terms.


Input the number of terms : 4                                          

Number is: 1 and its cube is: 1                                  

Number is: 2 and its cube is: 8                                  

Number is: 3 and its cube is: 27                                 

Number is: 4 and its cube is: 64

# Algorithm

  1. Take the number of terms as input from the user.
  2. Start loop from i =1 to i<= n
  3. Cube= i*i*i    

  4. Print number and its cube as result.


// C++ program to display the cube of the numbers upto a given integer

#include <iostream> using namespace std;

int main()


int i, n, cube; cout << "Input the number of terms : "; cin >> n;

for (i = 1; i <= n; i++){

cube = i * i * i;
cout &lt;&lt; "Number is: " &lt;&lt; i &lt;&lt; " and its cube is: " &lt;&lt; cube &lt;&lt; endl;