What is SQL in DBMS ?

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Soumya Shaw

Database Management System (DBMS) is simply the software that manages everything of a Database from A to Z. To start off with some more basic stuff, we will get down to the building blocks of the foundation knowledge you need to have.

A Database is a collection of data organized in a special manner that enables easy extraction of the data back to the user in one or more ways. The term was originated in the 1960s that was much rarely used that time, but the advent of computer technology now facilitated the term more frequency of its usage.

Basically, over the course, we will go through a special type of DBMS, which is RDBMS where ‘R’ stands for Relational. We will be using MySQL for the purpose of managing the Database open sourced by Oracle.

For some of you, there might be question lingering around the mind that

Why DBMS is important?

and why should we waste time on that?

The answer lies within the wide range of application it possesses making it worth wasting some time over it:

  • Universities: Ever noticed, where they can keep every detail of yours other than the register? Yes, the answer is the ‘DBMS’.
  • Online Shopping: You must have used them for shopping, of course. Every day new items are included and sold just with the assistance of DBMS. Purchase info, receipt bills, and installment, these are finished with the assistance of DBMS.
  • Telecommunications: For keeping records of calls made, generating monthly bills, maintaining balances on prepaid calling cards.
  • Human Resource: Keeping records of population and other details by Government. The census info can also be counted under this.

Points to remember:

  • MySQL is open source software which denotes its free availability in the cyber market and you can use it without restrictions.
  • MySQL is collaborated with PHP to create the backend Database management in Websites.
  • There are 2 versions of MySQL namely, online and offline.

Hence, from the above-mentioned overview of the topic, it is very obvious how precious this course will be and how major role I will play in the practical skills of yours.

What is SQL in DBMS ?