Written by

Soumya Shaw

For the process of Installing MySQL, you can follow to the following link given below and download the installation package.

Grant permission to the installer regarding the installation.

After the initial installation, it will take you to the actual MySQL installer into the License Agreement.

Accept the license terms and click ‘Next’.

Select the Default Developer Version.

It may show some requirements that fail to satisfy the particular feature in the installation. You can ignore and click ‘Next’.

Execute the Products that the windows shows.

Click Next once all the components are installed.

Select the above-displayed default option.

This screen will open following the previous. There is no need to fill up anything here, the details will be already stored.

Select the option for Entering Password as shown above.

Set a Strong Password and Check once by re-entering it.

Select the above-shown option and click ‘Next’.

Configure the Settings by clicking ‘Execute’.

There will be an Account check by logging in a similar way that you will use afterward. Enter the details and click ‘Check’. With this step, you can finish the installation process.

MySQL Shell and Workbench will automatically open if you click finish upon the options, there is no need to play with them and can be directly closed down. You can use the Start button and type MySQL to find the Command Line Client and there you go to the database by entering your Password.