Trending Humanoid Robots

Humanoid Robot

Robots can be seen in many shapes and different sizes where some mimic animals and some resemble birds, but human resembling robots are more endearing and intriguing than the rest.

Humanoid robots are of great use in different domains like personal assistance, research, caretaker, education, and in many entertainment fields including health care.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, humanoid robots are deployed more in hospitals replacing nurses and even doctors to prevent the spread of this disease. So, considering the future usage Humanoid robots are going to rule the industry for sure with high efficiency.

5 Humanoid Robots you should know are:

Robotic Avatar

Robotic Avatar was initially introduced by the effort of Toyota in the year 2017. The specialty of this T-HR3 is that it mimics the movements of its human operator exactly without deviation as a real-life avatar. Further, it was upgraded for the Tokyo Olympics to walk naturally.

The future vision of this humanoid robot is to perform surgery to the patients which are controlled by a professional doctor operating it from any part of the world.

Robotic Ambassador

Sophia is a popular and well known socially friendly humanoid robot which was developed by Hanson Robotics Technology in Hong Kong. Sophia was taught to talk, sing, express her emotions, reply with sarcastic answers, and also to draw by humans.

In the year 2020, an AI-powered robot that is just four years old was given the role of robotic ambassador in order to interact with humanoid robots and also to advance the research.

Digital Humanoids

Virtual Reality plays an important role in Digital human-like robots but they are similar to real humans as they resemble us in their looks and actions. STAR(Samsung Technology and Advanced Research) Lab’s has developed a unique AI-powered robot.

These robots are not like Siri or Alexa to give away the answers to your questions but they go even further to show various emotions to our talks where the machine learning process is applied to it in order to learn from experience to have real conversations like conversing with humans. They can be either a yoga instructor or a virtual doctor or an online mentor and much more.


Space exploration can also be done by humanoid robots as they can adapt to any kind of environment whether its earth or any other planet in the solar system. Vyommitra is a female Humanoid robot from India which is set to launch in December 2020 where it is scheduled to perform experiments regarding microgravity and other missions in the future.

Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research(FEDOR) stimulated some defects in spacewalk and landed back to Mother Earth which was operated by Russia to the International Space Station(ISS). 

Educational Robot

Initially,SoftBank Robotics Pepper was a receptionist in order to be a friendly helper reading emotions of humans. Later it evolved as an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) in order to teach the students to code which was named Tethys. Using this humanoid students can learn with practical studying where they program it to make it talk, move, and also to indicate different messages on its screen.


Trending Humanoid Robots