Robotics in Medicine

Role of Robotics in Medicine

The robots square measure extremely utilized within the field of medication as a result of its skillfulness and suppleness to perform tedious processes with ease whether or not its an invasive surgery or a laparotomy. Wide range of robots square measure employed in hospital substitution doctors wherever surgical robots and therapeutic robots square measure used.

Assistant and therapeutic robots square measure of high demand and it’s created in a very great amount. Robots serve to humankind as caretakers and physicians helping them throughout things like strokes and heart attacks likewise. They conjointly nurture the young likewise because the recent folks with none distinction delivering them with the necessities on a daily routine wherever sterilization and medications became simple.


The top 5 Robots in the field of medicine are:



Telepresence square measure accustomed to replace Physicians once they don’t seem to be on the market. they’re accustomed examine and treat the patients from any a part of the planet. The key options embrace capability for navigation inside the ER, and advanced cameras for the physical watching and examination.


Surgical Assistants


Surgical assistants are remote-controlled robots that assist the surgeons during operations that require minimally invasive procedures. It manipulates easily with a highly advanced and sophisticated robotic arm that is effectively controlled by a manual controller, who is seated at a workstation making use of augmented reality.


Rehabilitation Robots


These robots play an important role in the recovery of people’s lives who are suffering from disabilities, including mobility, coordination, and quality of life. These defects are caused due to birth defects or accidents. Virtual reality application was integrated with rehabilitation robots to improve balancing, walking, and other motor functions.


Sanitation and Disinfection Robots 


As there is an outbreak of infections caused by bacteria and viruses there is an increased need for antibiotics that resist bacteria and its deadly infections like Ebola and etc. The methods of disinfection include UV light and hydrogen peroxide vapors surface cleaning. Sterilization can be done within few minutes.


Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems


The ultimate benefit of robots that distinguishes it from humans are speed and accuracy and the reason for its use in pharmacy. Automated dispensing systems are constructed in an efficient way to easily handle any kind of materials like powder, liquids, and much more with much higher speed and accuracy.


Robotics in Medicine