First Java program

Platform to Work on:

The platform on which you are programming in Java is called IDE or Integrated Development Environment.

There are numerous IDEs available in the market. Some of the best ones are:

  • BlueJ
  • NetBeans      
  • Eclipse
  • JDeveloper
  • Greenfoot
  • Cloudenvy

Not everyone is comfortable with everything, so it is recommended that you should try all of them at least once before settling down with one.

First Java Program:

Let’s start with writing the first Java program, the traditional one:

Write a Java program to print ‘Hello World’.

  • Firstly we’ll create a new project by clicking on New Project > Type the Project Name> Click OK.
  • Then we’ll create a new class by clicking on New Class > Type the Class Name> Click OK.
  • Write the Code and Click on Compile Button.
  • Right Click on the Class Icon and Click on ‘ void main() ‘.

Your code will be executed and output will be displayed in the Screen.

      This is the interface of BlueJ IDE.

First Java program