Sort string in java

Java Program to Sort a string in alphabetical order

The basic idea is to pass the input string into a character array such that every character of the Input String is an element of the character array.

After doing so, we are simply sorting it and then swapping simultaneously at each iteration. After the loop gets terminated, simply display the character array.

Java Code:

/* Program to enter a string and print it after sorting it Alphabetically.*/
import java.util.*;

class AlphabetSort { public static void main() { Scanner inp = new Scanner(; System.out.print("\n Enter String: "); String s = inp.nextLine(); int k = s.length(); int i, j; char c; char arr[] = s.toCharArray(); for (i = 0; i<k; i++) { for (j = (i + 1); j<k; j++) { if (arr[j]<arr[i]) { c = arr[i]; arr[i] = arr[j]; arr[j] = c; } } }

	System.out.println("Sorted String: ");
	for (i = 0; i&lt;k; i++)



Enter String: Encyclopedia
Sorted String: 
Sort string in java