Concatenating Strings in Java

The trick to perform this operation without using String Functions is to use the ‘ + ‘ operator.
As in the tutorial, if + operator is used with integers, it will perform addition but when used with strings, it performs concatenation.


/* Program to enter two strings and concatenate them as one*/
import java.util.*;
class StringConcat
public static void main()
Scanner inp=new Scanner(;

System.out.print("\n Enter First String: "); String s1=inp.nextLine(); System.out.print("\n Enter Second String: "); String s2=inp.nextLine();

String z=s1+s2; System.out.println("Concatenated String: "+z);

} }


Enter First String: Tita

Enter Second String: Nic Concatenated String: TitaNic

Concatenating Strings in Java