Two words are said to be Anagrams if both of them consist of the same characters. For example: LISTEN and SILENT are anagrams. Similarly TRIANGLE and INTEGRAL are anagrams.
Note: Anagrams have same length as well.

The basic logic for anagrams are the sum of each character’s ASCII sum will be equal.

For example: SAD and DAS — ASCII of S=83, A=65 and D=68. So sum of ASCII values will be equal.


/* Program to enter two strings and check if they are anagrams*/
import java.util.*;
class Anagrams
public static void main()
Scanner inp=new Scanner(;

System.out.print("\n Enter First String: ");
String s1=inp.nextLine();
System.out.print("\n Enter Second String: ");
String s2=inp.nextLine();
int n1=0,n2=0,i;

  System.out.println(s1+" and "+s2+" are anagrams.");
  System.out.println(s1+" and "+s2+" are not anagrams.");


Enter First String: LISTEN

 Enter Second String: SILENT
LISTEN and SILENT are anagrams.

 Enter First String: rockets

 Enter Second String: restock
rockets and restock are anagrams.

 Enter First String: bus

 Enter Second String: zub
bus and zub are not anagrams.

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