Program to Add two numbers using pointers in C++

Written by

Juhi Kamdar

Here, we’ll write a program to print the sum of two numbers using a pointer in C++. A pointer in programming holds the address of a variable.


We will first initialize two numbers and two pointers. Then reference the pointers to the numbers. Then, using the ‘*’ operator, we will dereference them and store the sum in a variable.


  1. Declare two integer pointers, ptr1 and ptr2, and initialize them to NULL.
  2. Assign the address of x and y to ptr1 and ptr2, respectively, using the & operator.
  3. To access the values stored at the addresses pointed by ptr1 and ptr2, use the * operator.
  4. Calculate the sum of the values pointed by ptr1 and ptr2, and store the result in a new variable, sum.
  5. Print the value of sum .


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
    int num1, num2;
    int *ptr1, *ptr2;
    int sum;
    cout << "\n Enter first number: ";
    cin >> num1;
    cout << "\n Enter second number: ";
    cin >> num2;
    ptr1 = &num1; //assigning an address to pointer
    ptr2 = &num2;
    sum = *ptr1 + *ptr2; //values at address stored by pointer
    cout << "\n Sum is: " << sum;
    return 0;


Enter first number: 3
Enter second number: 4
Sum is: 7
Program to Add two numbers using pointers in C++