Accessing Structure Members in C++

Written by

Vaaruni Agarwal

Now, we know a little bit about the structures in C++, so we are going to take a look that how can we actually access the individual members of a structure in C++.

Let us continue with our previous example of books, the structure we created is:

struct Books {

   char  title[50];

   int no_of_pages;

  int no_of_copies;

   char  author[50];

   char  category[100];

   int   book_id;

} book;

Suppose, here we want to enter some data about a book, then, in that case, we have to store our information using individual members of the structure. Now, for that purpose, we have to access them.

The syntax for accessing structure member variables is as follows:

Structure_variable_name.Structure_Member = Value;

Here, structure_variable_name, is the name of the variable which is of the structure type. In our example it is book. The Structure_Member, is the member of the structure we need to access. Between them is a dot, known as the member access operator

As the name suggests, the member access operator helps us to access the members of the given structure in C++.

Let us take a look at an example:

#include <iostream.h>

#include <cstring.h>

struct Books {

   char  title[50];

   char  author[50];

   char  subject[100];

   int   book_id;



int main() {

   struct Books Book1;        // Declare Book1 of type Book

   struct Books Book2;        // Declare Book2 of type Book


   // book 1 specification

   strcpy( Book1.title, "C Programming");

   strcpy(, "Dennis Ritchie"); 

   strcpy( Book1.subject, "C Programming");

   Book1.book_id = 6495407;

   // book 2 specification

   strcpy( Book2.title, "C++ Programming");

   strcpy(, "Bjarne Stroustrope");

   strcpy( Book2.subject, "C++ Programming");

   Book2.book_id = 6495700;

   // Print Book1 info

   cout << "Book 1 title : " << Book1.title <<endl;

   cout << "Book 1 author : " << <<endl;

   cout << "Book 1 subject : " << Book1.subject <<endl;

   cout << "Book 1 id : " << Book1.book_id <<endl;

   // Print Book2 info

   cout << "Book 2 title : " << Book2.title <<endl;

   cout << "Book 2 author : " << <<endl;

   cout << "Book 2 subject : " << Book2.subject <<endl;

   cout << "Book 2 id : " << Book2.book_id <<endl;

   return 0;