For loop

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For loop in C

A loop help us to repeat a statement or group of statements until it satisfies the particular given condition.

For Loop: For loop is the most popular loop and is widely used loop in computer programming.

  • For for loop we need to specify three things:
  • 1. First we need to setup initial value for the loop counter.
  • 2. Then, we need to check that the value of loop counter reached the number of required repetitions.
  • 3. Last one will increment the value of loop counter .


The syntax of for loop is as follows:

for (init; condition; increment)

Example :

 #include &ltstdio.h>
int main()

for(i=1; i<5; i++) { printf(“Value:%d/n”,i)

return 0; }

Output :

Value: 1 
Value: 2
Value: 3 
Value: 4
For loop