AWS Roadmap and Anomalies

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Indrita Chandra

Prediction of cost of products in the roadmap

It is essential to access the relevant cloud cost data, ensuring an improvement in the engineering planning process. 

There are various methods like using the cost of action metrics to help the teams predict the cost of the products within their workload region and develop the budget accordingly, reflecting the real infrastructure required by the engineering department. Successful management refers to successfully planning a budget that will deliver the ROI.

Every engineering team can regularly optimize their cost for the various works. Then the force of driving the business can move forward much faster. Keeping a check on the expenses will help DevOps teams to secure funding for future projects, and they can use the resources to demonstrate future projects more efficiently.

Every engineering team aims to pursue large-scale cloud infrastructure transformation, which includes containerization or serverless infrastructure. These infrastructures help in obtaining long-term cost benefits for the organization.

At present, this process is very theoretical and requires the equipment to provide accurate data on the infrastructure cost. DevOps teams can ensure to make the predictions on this, which are much smarter and can aim to achieve serverless transformation, which could be very beneficial for the business.

Detection of Anomalies

There can be various unpredictable situations faced by the cloud architect regarding their finance expenses. The unexpected situation can be regarding the AWS bills. There can be unexplained costs, which may often result in various mistakes that otherwise can be easily avoided.

For instance, if an engineer chooses to make nightly backup snapshots in AWS, then there is a requirement of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the organization to cope with the EC2 instances. Moreover, if the EC2 spot instances are not being utilized, then, in that case, the system can face running on-demand, which will be ten times more than the cost.

Uncomplicated decisions can lead to various unpredictable situations.  However, the good news is that real cost anomaly detection can help the DevOps team avoid unpredictable financial ups and downs. Even if faced, there can be methods to solve the issues of the issues whenever they arise.

Measure cloud cost as a DevOps KVI

At present, it can be said that the recent news reports of the various organization give us an idea about their cloud build skyrocketing and the cost awareness of the DevOps team, which can be a significant asset to the bottom line.

There are various effective ways by which the DevOps teams can embrace the cost as KPI. DevOps teams need real-time data on the value of their infrastructure and the multiple systems involved.

AWS Roadmap and Anomalies