Let’s have a look at Punctuators and Separators:


Punctuators are the punctuation signs used as special characters in Java. Some of the punctuators are: ‘? ’ (Question mark), ‘ : ‘ (colon), ‘ ; ‘ (semicolon), ‘.’ (Dot)

The most important punctuator is the semicolon ‘ ; ‘, because it is used as the statement terminator in Java, i.e. it marks the end of any statement in the program.


They are the special characters used to separate the variable or characters in a Java Program.

E.g.:  Braces: ( ), { }, [ ] and Comma ‘ , ‘

Comma is used to separate multiple variables under the same declaration while the following are the use of braces:

  • Simple braces: ( ) are used to enclose any relational or mathematical expressions.
  • Curly Braces: { } are used to enclose a group of statements under a single statement.
  • Square Braces: [ ] are used to enclose the index number or cell number of a dimensional array. (To be read later)

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