Adding numbers using pointers:

We can add two numbers by dereferencing the pointers that point to the variables storing those numbers.

The code for adding two numbers using pointers is:

#include <stdio.h>

int  main()


   int  num1;

   int  num2;

   int  * ptrNum1;

   int  * ptrNum2;

   int  sum;

   printf("Enter first ineteger: ");

   scanf("%d", & amp; num1);

   printf("Enter second ineteger: ");

   scanf("%d", & amp; num2);

   ptrNum1 = & amp;
   num1; //making ptrNum1 point to num1

   ptrNum2 = & amp;
   num2; //making ptrNum2 point to num2

   sum = * ptrNum1 + * ptrNum2; //dereferencing the pointers

   printf("Sum is:  %d\n", sum);

   return  0;


The input and output for the above code is:

Enter first ineteger:  5

Enter second ineteger:  3

Sum is:  8

  • We have created two integer variables num1and num2 and two pointers ptr1 and ptr2.
  • The sum variable stores the sum of the two integers.
  • ptr1and ptr2 point to num1 and num2
  • By dereferencing ptr1and ptr2 we stores the addition of the values stored in num1 and num2.

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